Unisex RTW - The Uncaged Collection

Amidst the gender fluidity movement, The Uncaged Collection is Zaid Farouki’s first unisex collection focusing on a design aesthetic suitable for both, men and women. For this collection Zaid Farouki presented a modern approach, by fusing couture techniques and ready-to-wear standards. The collection focuses attention on hand-embroidery as Farouki has ‘Uncaged’ sketches from his portfolio, bringing them to life through traditional hand-crafted embroideries and art. The versatility within the garments are all about allowing for an interchangeable wardrobe – think mixing & watching, blending & blurring – giving the wearer the freedom to style the piece to their very own signature¬† style. The collection stayed true to the label’s aesthetic, denoting innovation in design, couture technique, fabric as well as attention to detail and exceptional tailoring creating dynamic and timeless pieces.

Uncaged – Flat Lays

Uncaged – Mannequins